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The History List Store


The History List aims to get more people engaged with history and historic preservation by connecting them to the thousands of local history organizations and historic sites across the country.  

The History List Store helps to support the operations and expansion of The History List, and offers such unique items as shirts, hats, posters, mugs, stickers and more. 

Original designs such as "Revolutionary Superheroes", "History Nerd", and "Life, liberty and the pursuit of history" gives their merchandise a distinct feel, and we encourage you to check out their products at The History List Store!

Custom Made History Wallets


Washington's Crossing, 1776, Founding Brothers, The Greatest Generation...all your favorite history books turned into beautiful and durable wallets.


The NHC has partnered with Humble Pig Wallets to provide history enthusiasts the chance to carry their favorite historical figure, story, or time period with them. Humble Pig Wallets are all made from books purchased through a local non-profit bookstore and are created from taking apart books and laminating the pages to make them durable and water resistant. The pages are then treated like fabric, as they are cut and sewed into different products.


If you are interested in placing a custom order please contact Robert Nasson.

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