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About the Founder

William Hughes Fitzhugh.William Hughes Fitzhugh was born in Boston and grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and after high school in California, came to Harvard College. There, and after that at Cambridge University, while not becoming a scholar himself, he formed a strong admiration for the scholars he had seen and heard. Some years later, while teaching history at the public high school in Concord, Massachusetts, he came to admire the academic efforts of some of his students, many of whose peers had no interest in academics at all.

He founded The Concord Review in 1987, to recognize and celebrate serious academic high school history research papers, and to publish them for teachers to use and to allow students to see what their peers had shown they could do. More than 1,000 high school students from 34 countries have now been published in this unique journal.

In 2002, a teacher suggested that he start a National History Honor Society, but after a few months, he decided that the new National History Club should be open to any high school student (and later middle school students) who had an interest in history. The plan was to encourage students to read, write, discuss, and enjoy history in any way they chose. There are now more than 500+ chapters with more than 14,000 members in 44 states, and members have shown that they have all sorts of good and useful ways to follow their interest in history.

Will Fitzhugh is the Founder and Editor of The Concord Review and Director of the National Writing Board. He resides in Sudbury, Massachusetts with his wife, Sophia, and is a tireless advocate for reading, writing, and history in the schools. You can read some of his recent articles here.